"Inner Whispers TV" on YouTube

Videos of VERONICA Speaking

"Inner Whispers" TV  (3 min clips)

Episode 1:  "How You Think" w/VERONICA

Episode 2:  "Be In The Now " w/VERONICA

Episode 3:  "You Are Never Alone " w/VERONICA

Episode 4:  "Trust How You Feel About It" w/VERONICA

Episode 5:  "Is There An Afterlife?  Do We All Survive Physical Death?" w/VERONICA

Episode 6:  "About Soulmates - A Perspective From Spirit" w/VERONICA

Episode 7:  "Attracting The Right Relationship" w/VERONICA

There are many other VIDEOS of VERONICA speaking on YouTube, some much longer, even some posted (repeated or put into sets) by third parties.

The other, longer videos (about ten minutes eadh) include people asking VERONICA questions.  YouTube has updated its search function so to find the longer videos search for my nickname at the time which is "TrChannel".

You can also search "April Crawford" to find some of them but as it turns out there are now many people with that name on Youtube, so it is better to search for "TrChannel" to see the longer videos.

Best Wishes,

~Allen,   Facilitator for April Crawford