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 "A Truly Heart Warming Story. This is a book for everyone who considers their pets to be part of the family. A puppy and his brother open their eyes under a porch in New York City, and life begins with adventures and a journey that takes them through very different rescues by and from humans, brothers separated from the mother and each other, through joys and fears, hunger and abundance, dreams of a reunion with "his own human", and a journey that takes him to new places from New York to Maine, and finally to California, and an ultimate understanding by one thoughtful puppy of the true meaning of his life. 

Based upon actual events, if you love your pets as family members, you will enjoy this story. A "tear jerker" at times, you will also laugh out loud with this puppy's hilarious ponderings. In the end, nothing but joy and finding his ultimate home, and his own true love, his own human."  ~From The AMAZON  Book Page

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