April Crawford is a True

Full Body Open Deep Trance Channel

and Psychic Medium

ABOUT April Crawford:

The short version is that April Crawford is one of the world's  most naturally adept Full Body Open Deep Trance Channels.  April is also a best selling author, with ten print books and more than ten books for Kindle available at AMAZON and other online bookstores.  You can find all of them in both print book and Kindle digital formats HERE

April Crawford also co-hosts the "Inner Whispers" Radio Show with VERONICA where VERONICA responds to posted questions and comments, and at the end of each show delivers her direct "Message to The World".

The "Inner Whispers" Radio Show and Podcast is available at www.InnerWhispersRadio.com and also on the iHeart Radio Network.

To schedule a telephone consultation/reading directly and one-on-one with VERONICA, inquire via e-mail at AprilReadings@aol.com.


VERONICA is a Causal Plane nonphysical Entity and Guide that speaks and writes via Full Body Open Deep Trance Channel April Crawford.  VERONICA is internationally known with clients worldwide.  VERONICA also co-hosts the "Inner Whispers" Radio Show, which is available at www.InnerWhispersRadio.com and on the iHeart Radio network.

VERONICA has completed over 10,000 telephone and in-person readings with individuals, including medical doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, professional mediums and energy workers and intuitives, as well as business CEO's and founders, Physicists, and of course everyday people on a wide range of personal relationships, personal growth, life coaching, and various client and family related issues.

To schedule a telephone consultation/reading directly one-on-one with VERONICA, inquire at AprilReadings@aol.com.

Your friends and family can sign up for VERONICA's free "Inner Whispers" newsletter at www.InnerWhispers.net.

For YouTube videos of VERONICA speaking, search "April Crawford" or "Inner Whispers TV" when you get to YouTube.

VERONICA's Facebook Page is: VERONICA via April Crawford